Norrlands Guld Motorörelsen

Agency: Åkestam Holst   Directed by: Bill Schumacher  Animation & Design: Good Motion

Norrlands Guld is one of Sweden’s dominating beer brands a, lot thanks to their funny and satirical communication. This time it was up to our friend director Bill Schumacher to create the next one and the idea was simple, if you stare down on the screens of your smartphone smartphones it’s bad for your neck and it’s a growing threat to global health. he remedy is (of course) drinking beer as it forces you to tilt your neck into an opposing motion.

When we created the designs the challenge was to make them feel rich, scientific and funny without stealing the attention from our beer drinking hero. We used inspiration from video gamings and created animations that would clearly bring associations to power ups and typical iconography.

We further enhanced the presence of the animations by adding textured glow, out of focus and tracking.


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