Directed by: Armstrong Film  Design & Animation: Good Motion

The hot dog and hamburger buns from Lantmännen are probably one of the few products every swede probably has had at least once. They’ve pretty much been the standardized household way of getting meat patties or sausages into your mouth. But with increasing competition due to the growing fast food trend Lantmännen started to feel that their their dominant market position was under threat. 

Their response to this was to revitalize their communication so Lantmännen decided to bring life to their two mascot characters Orvar and Börje.

Under the direction of Armstrong Film we created 3D characters based on the original Ovar & Börje illustrations and put them into goofy situations that resonated well across audiences. The trickiest part of this project was conveying a lovable and friendly emotion in a very short period of time while still giving viewers a clear association to the product and brand.

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