Helmers Lilla Kök

Created & Designed by:  Good Motion

Helmers is a Swedish startup set to introduce healthy fast food alternatives for kids.
For this film we decided to focus our design on the environments and situations facing a family rather than a single main character. Therefore we created our family scenes as vivid illustrations with a wide framing. This approached allowed us to create more elaborate characters since they wouldn’t need to be extensively animated. 

The characters we created have a stylised yet distinguishably human silhouette that was inspired by animated 50’s style animated advertising. We think this works very nicely as the characters become easy to relate to without being to specifically inspired by any typical kind of person.
Overall we think that the final result came out great and resonates very well with the intended audience.

Contact Us

Good Motion Headquarters

Folkungagatan 122
116 30 Stockholm, Sweden

+46 (0)70 783 00 50

Gustaf Jannerfeldt
CEO / Producer

+46 (0)70 783 00 50

Marcus Melin
2D & Motion Graphics


Nathalie Ohlson Timoudas
3D Artist


Daniel Bladini
VFX & Motion Graphics


Petter Bergmar
Creative Director

+46 (0)70 731 26 12

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