Liseberg Helix

Production Company: Collection FIlm   Directed by: Daniel Bladini   Animation & VFX: Good Motion & Daniel Bladini

The Roller coaster Helix in Liseberg was built to be the most extreme ride in Sweden and the launch campaign wasn’t any less ambitious. The tricky part for its launch campaign was that they needed the a film to be finished way ahead when the actual roller coaster construction was planned to be complete.

The brief was an idea that would plunge a viewer through three completely different styles of footage where the most challenging part was a to create a realistic POV animation of how riding the roller coaster would actually feel.

We solved this by using a CAD file of the roller coaster we got from the engineers who designed it and then recreating the surrounding park in 3D. Daniel who directed the film even climbed a crane 10 stories up above the construction site to shoot HDRI images for us.

The final result is an imaginative story that draws the viewer into the world of Helix, both literally and figuratively. We think the different styles held together very well as one concept and the overall reception of the film was great.

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