Burger King Daydreams

Agency: Berntzon Bylund   Directed by: Alexander Hols   Animation & VFX: Good Motion

These two Walter Mitty inspired films were shot at Stiller Studios with a Cyclops Motion Control camera rigg. This was the first time we used motion control so it was a very fun experience to learn and master the workflow.

The purpose of using motion control was so that we could take multiple shots of live action and CGI objects on an identical camera path and then layer them together into a final composition.

The actual path of the camera was carefully calculated and tested in our 3D software and then uploaded into the Cyclops for the shoot. The first step in the postproduction  was to build environments in 3D, match them with matte paintings and then finally comping it all together with the live action footage. On top of that we used CGI to create all the floating objects in the foreground of the space version and the packshots.

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