Beambox Launch Film

Agency: Making Waves      Animation: Good Motion

The service Beambox was developed by Making Waves as a way of utilizing vacant storage space in one of their client’s warehouses. Since the principal target group was urban dwellers with a lack of extra space in their homes, the challenge was to create a story that presented the service as not just as outsourced storage but more as a modern utility service with an identity associated to tech rather than logistics.

To properly explain the service we both needed our main character and storage items to be the main focus of attention. We solved this by using the beam box color pallet in varying shades principally as backgrounds while using the contrast colours for our character and items.
The choice of vector style felt natural as it felt the most coherent to the service’s logo artwork and interface design.

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2D & Motion Graphics

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VFX & Motion Graphics

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Creative Director
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