ATG Elitloppet

Production Company: FLX 2.0   Directed by: Bill Schumacher   Animation & VFX: Good Motion

This is one of the more interesting briefs we’ve received. Our friend Bill Schumacher who is a director at FLX asked us pretty much. We need this dwarf pony to win the most prestigious race horse race in Sweden. We have some archive footage from the race and we’re plan to ta a few shots of the pony running on a green treadmill. Can you do it?”. “Of course!” we replied.

Matching up the available archive footage with out green screen shots proved to be a bit tricky but fortunately for us the sequence of the horse winning the race was a dream so we could create a look that didn’t need to feel totally realistic. Overall we think the illusion worked and really serves the films fun and charming tone.

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